Eagle Ridge Extractions, based in Palmer Lake, CO is a leader - both in quality and quantity - in the production of CBD oil. Eagle Ridge is one of the few extractors in the United States that has the ability to extract CBD oil from 10,000 pounds of hemp per day. As the CBD industry poises for massive growth, this places Eagle Ridge in position to supply major corporations with hundreds and thousands of kilograms of isolate per month.

Eagle Ridge has partnered with a leading Colorado-based lab for our post-refinement process (taking winterized oil to isolate). Our partner has one of the largest and highest-quality post-refinement processes in America.

Farmers interested in pursuing partnership contracts with Eagle Ridge, and companies interested in large-scale wholesale purchasing of winterized oil and isolate, please contact us.


Eagle Ridge Extractions desires to see millions of individuals – struggling with various medical issues like anxiety, PTSD seizures, anxiety, arthritis, etc. – brought to better health through CBD. And, toward that end, we seek to be the largest US wholesale provider of high-quality CBD oils and isolate by 2021.

We seek to operate with:


Always providing what we say we will and treating every individual and company in a God-honoring way; how we would like to be treated.


While the CBD market is growing rapidly, it may not necessarily be growing strategically. We have a laser-focused 30-month plan to accomplish our objectives.


Quality in our products, timeliness in our customer service and delivery. We seek to be a leader that other CBD extractors look toward – as they want to learn from the best.


In order to achieve the uncommon and unprecedented, you need similar levels of focus and rigor. Eagle Ridge will accomplish this through intentional focus and execution.


We believe in CBD, and we’re excited to share its benefits with the world! In addition to the life-change of CBD, we want to give back to philanthropic initiatives – both locally and globally – through the proceeds of the company. The ability to be generous and the impact it brings is a huge reason why we do what we do!