Are you a farmer looking to sell your crop? Look no further than Eagle Ridge Extractions!

Our unique partnership model enables us to provide you prices on your crop unparalleled in the hemp (or any) agricultural industry! Before you consider selling your hemp by the pound, or paying for tolling services, please consider our offer:

We offer a 40/60 split on the hottest commodity in the CBD industry – 99.5% pure CBD isolate! We provide you with pure CBD isolate (NOT JUST OIL), and our partner can also sell your isolate at the rate of $5,000 per KG. With our high efficiencies in extraction and post-refinement, it enables the following scenario.

Consider a hemp farmer with 50 acres of product. While certain crops are yielding up to 2,000 pounds of milled biomass – we’ll take a conservative estimate of 1,500 pounds per acre. Also – while certain strands of hemp are yielding 15-18% CBD, we will consider a conservative estimate of 10% CBD content milled. This means that this hemp farmer would have 75,000 pounds of 10% milled CBD. On the market, a conservative estimated price is $3 per pound per CBD percentage (IE - $3 x 10% = $30). So, far, 75,000 pounds, this would bring a sales price of $2.25M.

HOWEVER – if you partner with Eagle Ridge, we would turn your 75,000 pounds of hemp biomass into 3,750 KG of oil, and then into 1,875 KG of isolate. Your share of this isolate is 750 KG (40%), which at a sales price of $5,000 per KG yields an unbelieve income of $3.75M for 50 acres of hemp! This is an astonishing average of $75,000 per acre!



Please enter your acreage, estimated poundage, and estimated CBD content to see your estimated return.