Our proprietary CBD extraction process was developed over 3 years by Colorado-based hemp industry leaders. In partnership with a 16,000-staffed Chinese manufacturing company, this technology and equipment will help shape and mature the nascent hemp industry.

With four 500L extraction units, our ethanol-based extraction solution system allows for 600-pound batches, 95% solvent recovery and 99.5% CBD extraction efficiency – in only a 20 minute soak time. This means that we can extract more hemp biomass in one hour (1,800 pounds) than most extractors can do in one day. Assuming a 10% milled CBD content biomass, our equipment can process up to 250 kilograms of winterized oil per day. With our post-refinement partner, this allows us to manufacture up to 125 KG of isolate per day. Our oils and isolate are tested for THC, contaminants, pesticides, and metals by leading third party labs to ensure CDPHE and GMA compliance for food-grade materials.

Eagle Ridge Extractions is in the elite group of select extractors with the ability to process 10,000 pounds of hemp biomass per day. This allows us exceptional opportunity to partner with the leading nutraceutical, beverage, pet-supply, and pharmaceutical companies.

Contact us for more information regarding winterized oil needs of over 200 KG and isolate needs of over 100 KG (annually).